DMS | Fundraiser ("Midnight Mile")


The main goal with your team is to continue running for the entire 24 hours. By accomplishing this, several more important goals will also be reached.
  • Goal-setting and follow through
  • Achievement and self-worth
  • Team building
  • Fitness awareness
  • Overcoming obstacles physically and mentally
  • Promoting a positive, family-oriented experience

Parent & Volunteer Runners:

Parents may run on their student's team. Parent's on student teams will run at the same time and in the same format as regular student teams. Indicate your desire to participate as a parent runner or volunteer on the registration form. In order to know who is participating and who is on school grounds, we ask that only those parents of children who are participating take part in the event. Parent runners and volunteers must complete the district's Waiver of Liability form prior to participation.

Successful Event Characteristics:

Willingness to Risk - Take on something that you or someone else may not. Without risk, people can become stagnant in their quest for achievement! They do not learn to go above and beyond what is normally expected (e.g. take part in this run is a risk).

Commitment to Integrity - Be honest with yourself. Anyone can cheat or take the easy way out when no one is looking. However, you don't better yourself or realize what you might have accomplished! You'll have a greater sense of accomplishment when you know you've done it right (e.g. being dishonest about having completed training).

Determination to Stand - Hold strong and believe firmly in something that is important to you, regardless of what others might think or say. Many people quit because they are afraid of what others might think of them if they try too hard or dream too big (e.g. not participating in the run because a group of friends may think it's uncool).

Sense of Passion - The feelings that drive you to do your best when you realize what you can accomplish. This is what drives you throughout the difficult times; tough workouts, bouts of self-doubt. When a person values this concept, they realize what they are able to achieve and their drive to obtain their goals becomes stronger (e.g. recognizing the possibilities instead of the limitations of a goal, and trudging on courageously).

For additional information and access to the forms, please visit:
Midnight Mile at Dundee Middle School